The USDA Income Eligibility Form

"Why do we need to fill out these forms?"

 It’s just like the National School Lunch Program, if everyone fills out a form, our center can join the Food Program and receive extra funding…

-Dieticians will review our menus and make recommendations

-We’ll receive extra funding to help keep   tuition fees lower

"Is my information shared with the IRS?"

No government agency receives your form. 

A non-profit organization is the only one who reviews your form.  They summarize the results without any names attached. 

And when they’re through, the forms are shredded.

"How will filling out this form benefit me?"

You don’t receive money if you qualify, but your child will   benefit because we’ll be able to enhance our meal program, use the money we usually spend on food for other things like...

-An extra staff person
  -Another field trip
-More toys and supplies
-Maybe even a new playgroup piece! 

"I make too much. Our family makes too much." 

Does your family make more than this number of the Income Eligibility chart (located on the form)? 

Even if you make more than this, by filling out the back side, our center can still receive a small amount.

In fact, unless all parents complete at least the back side, none of the children will benefit.

It's easy...just write the days your child attends and sign it.

"It looks too complicated."

It's really not too hard.  You write your name here.  Next, write your subsidy or SNAP number here.  If you don't have a number, than you write your household income here.

Sign and date the form.  That's it!

"I don't know my subsidy number."

Your subsidy number is on your Subsidy Award Letter--not the number on your card.

If you don't know it, you can get it from your worker.  Here, you can use our phone.  If your worker isn't there, you can leave a message.  Let your worker know you need your case number.