Summer Feeding Program

2019 Summer Food Service Program

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This program is designed to provide children with FREE nutritious meals during the Summer months when school is out.  Qualifying youth sites receive FREE meals delivered, ready to eat for children ages 18 and under.  Meal counts are done using a smart phone, tablet, or computer.  There’s no other paperwork.  This program is open to parks, community centers, summer camps, libraries, church groups or other places where children congregate.

Site Requirements:

  1. The site must be in an area-eligible location based on School Data or Census Track.  Child Care Resources will determine this for you.  Apply on-line below for determination.
  2. The site must be within the delivery area in Richmond, DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, College Station, Cleveland, Columbus, Youngstown.
  3. Must have a refrigerator to store meals.
  4. Must have staff and an indoor place for kids to eat.

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